City of London 2007-8

Wise Guys 2007 (Mixed media) Fergus Murray
Wise Guys 2007 (Mixed media)
New Union Street II 2006 (Charcoal) (28x40) Fergus Murray
New Union Street II 2006 (Charcoal) (28x40)
Bank (ink and watercolour)
Bank (ink and watercolour)
Kettling 2007 (Ink) (25x25) Fergus Murray
Kettling 2007 (Ink) (25x25)
Wise Guys 2007 (Digital collage)
Wise Guys 2007 (Digital collage)
Night-time City of London (Aldersgate) (Charcola, ink, watercolour) Fergus Murray
City (Aldersgate) (Charcoal, ink, watercolour)
Leeches 2007 (Ink) (25x25) Fergus Murray
Leeches 2007 (Ink) (25x25)


These were a few works I made when spending a lot of time in or living in the City of London.  I have wanted to make more work about the City, bankers, the financial crisis but its very topicality seems to make it too present. See also my Angel sculpture. See also this interesting interview with 'Hector Munro' on Photographing Finance in London and New York.