Arctic Norway April 2015

I visited Tromsø for a few days in April 2015. It really is a long way north. I had a fabulous time and came back and wrote some detailed pages about life and places up in Arctic Norway (with my photos, of course). I got much more involved in the research and writing than I had intended. But that happens.


I became particularly interested in the fishing industry, the Lyngen Alps and the German occupation of Norway in the IIWW and attempts to prosecute German commanders and soldiers of many ranks for the inhuman treatment meted out to Russian and Yugoslav prisoners of war in Northern Norway.


I've returned to these pages in May 2016 and done a lot of editing and thinking about what I had written. Writing web pages is a funny thing. For me, I seem to need to get a great mash of words and facts assembled and written down, interspersed with photos I have taken. It is not a very disciplined process and often results in pages that peter out ... put, put put. Like an engine running out of petrol. 


So I hope I've made these pages at least a little more readable. I've put in a lot of work editing down some pages, trying to make them more comprehensible. And I've also rewritten one completely: there is now a (growing) 'very short introduction to Norway'.


This is all building up to a larger expansion and rewrite of the pages about the Second World War and its war crimes aftermath in Northern Norway.


As always, I really appreciate feedback (via my Contact page). Thanks for passing by.


I'm planning a return trip to Norway in September 2016 but for now the pages and sections of the Arctic Norway part of my website are as follows.


Norway: a very short introduction

Norway's Arctic Paradox: Tromsø

Sub-Arctic Flora and Fauna - Troms county, Northern Norway

The Geology, Glaciation and Sublime Beauty of the Lyngen Alps

The Barents Sea and Lofoten Fishery

The Tromsø and Norwegian Sealing and Whaling Industries


The last section has seven pages. I plan to revise and add to these shortly.


The German Occupation of Arctic Norway in WWII


Russian POWs in World War II and in Norway

Operation Nordlicht/Northern Light and the Destruction of Finnmark

The Norwegian Atlantic Wall

The Lyngen Line

The Prison Camps of the Lyngen Line and Mallnitz Death Camp

Aftermath: The Nuremberg 'Hostage Trial' ruling on the scorched earth events in Finnmark


 I will add links at the bottom of each page to help with navigation. The drop down menu above also works in a clunky sort of way.


Norway: a very short introduction