VI. Other Iwi Settlements

For a general outline discussion of the settlement process see Richard Hill's entry in Teara: The Settlement Process where he concludes,


New Zealand’s settlement processes are widely regarded internationally as an efficient model for the reconciliation of historical grievances and a relatively fair way of achieving historical justice for indigenous people who have suffered from colonisation and its aftermath.

More broadly, 26 settlements had been completed with Maori iwi by March 2012 according to the Otago Daily Times including Waikato-Tainui ($170 million) in 1995, Ngati Awa ($42.39 million) in 2003 and Ngati Ruanui ($41 million) in 2001.


Forty-three groups were working towards settlements in 2012.


New Zealand Herald 27 Feb 2014


As of last week, 68 Treaty settlements had been completed - 42 of them since 2009 after National returned to power. According to the Office of Treaty Settlements, about 55 claims are outstanding.


The biggest settlement is still to come:


Internal iwi division surrounding the upcoming settlement process for New Zealand's largest tribal grouping, Ngapuhi, has seen Mr Key take the unusual step of offering the group a cash incentive to resolve their differences and settle this year.


 NZ Herald

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