Cyprus Critical Issues VIII: Voices from Cyprus

This page is the beginning of a collection of voices from Cyprus - opinions, resources, blogs that are promoting dialogue and debate about Cyprus' future.

The Bailout deal

Bailout blogs and news in Cyprus



Economists of Cyprus

Fiona Mullen at Sapienta Economics and on Twitter @FionaMullenCY


Makis Speaks

See in particular this interesting blog on the problems faced by civil society activists in Cyprus

Strovoliotis - in Greek


Interesting websites and organisations

Association for Cypriot, Greek and Turkish Affairs (based in the UK)

Cyprus Community Media Centre

Terra Cypria 

Bird Life Cyprus

Guide Books

Cyprus Rough Guide by Marc Rubin is excellent and surprisingly big for a small country.

Peace and Reconciliation

To an outsider one of the things that is incredibly striking about Cyprus and the partition of the island is the very limited interaction between the two communities either side of the Green Line. This has been facilitated in recent years by the opening of crossing points - for over 20 years there was no crossing point across the Green Line. But interaction and knowledge of the 'other side' still seems very limited, particularly if one goes by what is available on the internet.

These are a few videos that I have come across that deal with the issue of peace and reconciliation amongst other things.

I am, of course, aware that my website only presents 'one side' of the island. That is something I hope at some point to rectify.

A profile of two young activists from the different sides of the Cypriot divide created as part of the "What's Your Story" series at the United Nation's Cyprus Community Media Center in the summer of 2010.

A short video made by a group of young Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot high school students who attended workshops on peace and reconciliation at the George Washington University.

I wanted to include a video on Women and the Peace Process. I've been having trouble embedding ones from the Cyprus Community Media Centre above and found this one by featuring a group of statespeople called The Elders.

On Sunday 13 May 2012 the ENGAGE NGO participated in the 6th annual Rose Festival in Agros, Troodos. The aim was to bring together the habitants of the village, the wider Pitsilia area and of Troodos in general, as well as other visitors of the Festival with the Cyprus Civil Society and its wide range of activities and contribution to the island and its people. Moreover, ENGAGE provided the public with the opportunity to express their opinions, ideas and inquiries in relation to volunteerism and their attempt for increasing active citizenship in Cyprus.

A short piece about the Biologists Association and their work preserving the Karpas peninsula in Turkish.  Despite the irritating lack of camera focus at times it gives a sense of the threat to the delicate biology of the Karpas Peninsula.