II. Aerial Route to Cyprus

The four and a half hour flight from London Heathrow to Larnaka goes down the Thames Estuary over the North Sea across Belgium and down through Western Germany and over the German Alps, skirting Venice and the top of the Aegean Sea with spectacular views of the dry limestone islands of the Dalmation coast, and then over the steep valleys of Serbia reaching Greece at Thessaloniki, and then across the top of the the Aegean near the Dardenelles, along the South West corner of Turkey with fabulous islands sketched out in the turquoise blue or beaten copper of the sea, over Rhodes and then left over the Eastern Mediterranean for Cyprus.


On our 2011 flight the Austrian Alps were amazing. Snow and deep valleys, even a glacier cracking out of a cwm. And little German hilltop villages in the pre-Alps in clearings in the dark, dark forest. Cloud over the Balkans and Aegean until Rhodes – huge washes of debris from the winter torrents out of the hills on the southern side. Then lots of sea, Mediterranean blue with scudding with waves. I didn't have my camera.

Later journeys brought different things as you can see below. When I did have my camera to the ready.

Heathrow to Southern Germany and Austria

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Croatia via Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece to SW Turkey

Greece to UK