East Coast Mainline

This poem is about the train from London King's Cross to Edinburgh Waverley. My photos taken from the train of the same journey are here on my site at London to Edinburgh Train.


Edinburgh, mainline,

East Coast, England,

Kings Cross, Chiltern,

Flood, river, freeze.


Fruitfarm, snow-bank,

Ouse, lamb, sugarbeet,

St. Andrews, Grantham,

Woodwalton, lees.


Thatcher, Wulfram,

Newark, Trent, fen, church,

Navigation, hedgerow,

Oak, ash, keys.


York, Drax, bricks, dale,

Woolly, Donny, dirty,

Moorland, combine,

Durham, hills, wheeze.


Barn, wood, sheep, boy,

Gateshead, weather-gauge

Falling, down, harvester,

Nose, tickle, sneeze.


Allotment, terraces,

Cathedral, silhouette,

Brick, red, bottomland,

Smelter, stone, frieze.


Alnmouth, airports,

Sodden, swans, Lammermuir,

Stream, spate, netloft,

Northumberland, Tees.


Swollen, ship, Sage, squall,

Lynmouth, Holy Isle,

Thaw, bridges, mouth, sky

Berwick, bleak, seas.


Lindisfarne, Grantshouse,

Peat, mole, border, top,

Tweed, marsh, salmon, salt,

Estuary, ease.


Burnmouth, Linton East,

Farmtoun, Penmansheil,

Pine, haven, headwater,

Gale, blow, breeze.


Dunbar, Reston,

Sandstone, stony, wall,

Dyke, Torness, Ayton,

Longniddry, name, tease.


Abbs, head, A1,

Winter, spring, wood, surf,

Gillespie, James, Graham, Scots, 

Pine, heather, trees.


Berwick Law, bell, sprouts,

Parish, field, saint, eye,

Castle, council, cabbage, stead,

Waverley squeeze.


Edinburgh, Edinburgh,

Next station stop is Edinburgh,

Bags, scarves, wallet, hats,

Mind the gap please.