A testimonial from one of the project's stars


Striving for the highest

The one great thing I have learnt from Jikeleza is never to settle for less and to always strive for the highest. That is reflected in the company itself as it was started in a small township, with black and coloured underprivileged children some of whom had never been in a theatre before or known anything about dancing.  We were transformed into professional, disciplined, literate and highly confident people.


A holistic approach

Unlike other projects, Jikeleza has always been concerned about the overall well-being of each and every individual in the project. From our talents, our academic studies, meeting our needs, our happiness (through entertainment such as camps and outings etc.), our health and even our spiritual being. It has been the best place for making lifetime friends and being protected from prevailing social issues in our communities.


I am the project. The project is me

My time spent with Jikeleza has hugely contributed to the person I am today. It has influenced the way I walk, talk, behave, think and interact with others. I often hear the voice of Edmund saying, "Sit up straight … Walk like a ballerina or like a dancer … Don’t eat fatty foods … [and] Aim and strive for the highest because success is written all over your face.”

These words and many others have I dearly treasured and often miss.


'It is by the love shown to me in the project'

I have personally come a long way with the project and even though I chose not to become a professional dancer but rather to be an accountant, I still received full support for my decision as well as financial assistance. Even though my academic studies and religious and leadership commitments at the University of Cape Town are keeping me fully occupied and even though I hardly have the time to engage in the project's activities, it is still in my heart and in my mind and speech. 


It is by the love shown to me in the project that I will always love it back and do my best to give back to it in whatever way possible.


5th April 2013

Third-year University of Cape Town student studying for a Bachelor of Commerce.  The project secured her a first year full scholarship for all tuition and residence costs. She has excelled each year making the Dean's Merit list for top achievements and then on going to further heights. She is amazing!