Jikeleza Dance: Programmes

Children at Imizamo Yethu
Children at Imizamo Yethu

1. Dance Pathways to Hope


To work with the children and young people of Imizamo Yethu and Hangberg communities to build hope, self-confidence, dignity, educational attainment and employment opportunity through the dance, music and performance.




- to provide a high quality, free, after-school programme of dance and music (Weekly sessions for 300 participants)


- to provide enabling services to children and young people:


- free meals for participants in after-school and other dance and music activities (2 meals per week for 300 participants annually)

- Support with educational expenses – school fees, uniforms, etc(Support for 30 high school students)

- Access to life skills coaching and courses (50 girls and young women a year)

- Support and mentoring to take up arts training, educational and employment opportunities


2. Community Resilience and Cultural Opportunities


To work with the residents and families of Imizamo Yethu and Hangberg and other service providers to develop community resilience and cultural opportunities.




- To work with partner organisations to maximise the benefit of the scarce resources. (Liaison with 4 local schools – Disa Primary, Sentinel Intermediate, Hout Bay and Oranjekloof High Schools and 10 Hout Bay NPOs

- To provide local dance performances accessible to communities excluded from access to ‘mainstream’ cultural facilities (3 annually)

- To continue to employ seven people from the local communities of Imizamo Yethu and Hangberg  (7 people annually)

3. Developing Dance/Celebrating Performance


To celebrate the lives of children and young people of Imizamo Yethu and Hangberg communities through high quality, public dance performances rooted in the experiences and cultures of those communities.




- To produce high quality dance and music performances for a range of audiences (domestic and tourist, corporate and community) that celebrate South Africa’s diverse cultures (five annually)

- To develop strong partnership working with other dance providers in the Greater Cape Town area (La Rosa Spanish Dance, Cape Town City Ballet, Cape Junior Youth Ballet Company, Cape Town City Ballet, UCT School of Dance, Jazzart,The Teachers Dance Association) to create joint-productions and projects.

4. Sustainability and Growth


To continue to build the sustainability of Jikeleza Dance as an innovative and resilient dance-based NPO providing employment opportunities in the arts.




- to sustain 18 full-time and part-time posts in the organisation.

- to develop the revenue generation capacity of Jikeleza Dance through sponsored performances (5 a year raising R200,00 per annum).

- to maintain and develop the governance and managerial capacity of Jikeleza Dance.