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This is my newsletter sign up page. If you are signing up as someone who blips can you put (Blip) in brackets after your first name. Many thanks. That just helps me identify who is who.


Hopefully this newsletter facility will not be needed but if Blippers think having an independent user forum might one day be a useful thing this could be the beginning of one. And the beginning of an administrative nightmare for me!


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I posted this comment/post on the Blipfoto Friends page at 10.30 on March 25th

Towards an independent Blipper forum?

I said at the close of play yesterday that I'd repost this at the top of the page. So here it is. I've added a few responses to some of the comments from yesterday below the paragraph.

Towards an independent Blipper forum. I've argued that if the Blipfoto infrastructure goes the community will probably go with it. As a hedge against that why not set up an independent group of Blipfoto users? This FB page can act as one conduit of that but how about setting up a list of users names and email addresses. To that effect I've created a newsletter sign up page (using ChimpMail) on my website where, should you wish, you can sign up. The list is private and only visible to me. I would only use it to communicate if there seems a good reason to. And it has all the usual unsubscribe facilities. Just a fallback idea. If you think its worth it you could link on your next blip. 

Added Weds 25th March: Just to reiterate. This is a fallback and unless there comes a time when it feels right - through feedback with people who sign up - and what's 'going on generally' I don't intend to do anything. By putting this up I'm not trying to 'encourage ship jumping' or trying to 'scare the new bidders' away.

Someone did ask me why the FB page isn't the best place to have a forum. Maybe it is but it is almost impossible to follow. Multiple conversations, lots of repetition, lots of the same voices (me especially). But it's all we have at the moment and I thank the administrators for looking after it.

I'm just offering an another 'just in case' option.

A last thought: if and when the new owners take over the assets of Blipfoto Ltd I imagine the Blipfoto brand might be quite important to them. They might not be keen to see a Blipfoto FB page they do not control. These guys are not corporate minnows, people.

By the way, 40 people have so far signed up.