Jikaleza Dance: The Project

Public performance by Jikeleza's young dancers
Public performance by Jikeleza's young dancers

Jikeleza Dance is a township dance project outside Cape Town in the eerily beautiful setting of Hout Bay in South Africa.

Jikeleza means 'turn around' in Xhosa - the predominant language in the Hout Bay township of Imizamo Yethu.

Jikeleza Dance is a genuine community project run by local people. It works in social conditions that beggar belief.


For ten years the project has inspired, guided, protected and cherished the children and young people of its benighted communities.

Run by a small, totally dedicated team, Jikeleza now faces an acute funding crisis. 

Widely recognised for the quality and holistic nature of its work the project could really do with a hand, now.

I've set up a direct giving button on my web page that goes through to the South African umbrella NGO network, Greater Good South Africa. You can donate direct to Jikeleza there.

There are also other links to Jikeleza and further information on the web page.

If you can make a donation please do. 

Austerity in Europe is terrible. In South Africa it is truly dreadful.

The Jikeleza website with much more information on the project is here. And Jikeleza Facebook page here with loads of news and photos since the project joined up in 2009.


You can follow Jikleza on Twitter at @Jikelezadance


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