Polaroid Blipfoto Ltd

The pages on this section of my site bring together the blog posts I wrote about the photo-journaling site Polaroid Blipfoto of which I am a member. These were written after the announcement of the liquidation of Polaroid Blipfoto in March 2015. Please use the drop down menu to access the seven separate blog posts which are arranged chronologically. Or follow the links at the bottom of each page.


Since the last post of March 30 2015 I have not written anything more about Blipfoto because there has been so little news to report about the company. The site continues to run and I continue to post to it daily.

The blogs were written in real time as events were unfolding. The last blog is probably the most balanced assessment of the position at the end of March 2015. The others provide a lot of background information and research.

I find the current position of Polaroid Blipfoto perplexing. What is its business model? How does it pay for itself? What are the future plans? Will it keep going as is or be substantially redeveloped? Who is working at Blip Central which appears to be still in Edinburgh? What has happened to the promised user involvement in the site? How many users are left and how many jumped ship? What services are still available? And perhaps most importantly, what do the new owners want from Polaroid Blipfoto and what future do they envisage for the current Blipfoto community, such as it is?

The blogs below were written in good faith with what information I could glean from media reporting and company reports and websites in the UK and USA.

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