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Dexter Murray


I am a 3rd year undergraduate studying Sport Management at Bournemouth University. My degree has a strong emphasis on the business of sport and I am looking for a 40-week placement as part of my third year.


I would prefer the placement to be in a sport business setting but my main concern is to use and develop the business skills I have learnt so far on the course.


I am particularly interested in opportunities in a Marketing environment from brand development and licensing to market analysis and specific marketing campaigns.


The sports I am particularly interested in are football and baseball. However I will follow and watch almost any sport I can get my hands on.

Other students on my course are currently employed in a range of placements including:


· sales for a food and drinks company

· data analyst for Microsoft

· sports events organisation.


I am outward going, confident and well-rounded and I am hungry to apply the skills I have developed so far in a real-life business environment.


I will bring great enthusiasm and initiative, will work effectively as a team member and work with dedication, energy and humour.


I've suffered a bit of a setback in that the placement I had lined up have let me down. If you can help I would really appreciate it.

Start date: second week in September

Dex's Linkedin profile is here


If you can help please contact me - Fergus - in the first instance via the Contact page of my site and I'll pass it on to Dex. Thank you. Thank you.

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