Cyprus, tweets and the FT's Alphaville

Jospeph Coterill tweets yestereday


Joseph Cotterill ‏@jsphctrl 9 Apr

Which you might want to bear in mind for the 'Three times richer than Germans!!!" crap.


FM replies yesterday


@jsphctrl I think you may be wrong here. Have a look at other data here – need to scroll down …


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Joseph Cotterill ‏@jsphctrl 22h


@FergusMMurray Thanks - still, HNW [high net worth?] looks like it's swayed a bit by home ownership, inheritance, self-employment and size of household... But point taken on income, and the HNW findings today do paint a picture of a housing boom


FM replies in two linked tweets


Fergus Murray ‏@FergusMMurray 21h


@jsphctrl Someone needs to write article on diff between Swabian med-income, low-asset, high-welfare state h-hold econ model (cont) and the high asset, high debt, low welfare h-hold model of Cyprus - they are worlds apart


Next day (10 April) Joseph Cotteril Alphaville blog appears in FT analysing recent reports on Cypriot wealth being three and half times that of Germany and finishes,


In any case it doesn’t seem to be a problem of a rich ‘poor’ south and a poor ‘rich’ core, more two models failing to understand each other. It can’t be good for making eurozonians out of the eurozone crisis in the end, can it?


Pure coincedence I'm sure. And I'm very pleased to see the issue getting some air.