Hazel trunk


This is the latest piece to come out of the studio.  It's carved out of a very green and wet piece of hazel wood from the garden.  I've been wanting to make something that was much less finished than most of the carvings I have done. I made this - for me - relatively quickly and finished him off with a V-shaped parting tool. I did this partly because I really like the dog-toothed effect and the way it creates sharp silhouettes and catches the light - and partly for the practical reason of trying to maximise the surface area that could begin to dry.  So far this piece - so far without a title - hasn't cracked, largley because he has been confined to a damp garage and kept away from the central heating. 



In carving this piece I wanted to give the figure some movement within the very tight confines of the width of the original piece of wood.  This strange squatting pose was what happened. It has a pretty brutal and pared back feeling to me which seemed to go well with the snow. 

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