I started this website as a showcase of the sculpture I have been making in the last few years. I then added earlier work and drawings  and watercolours I have sporadically made over the course of my life.


In the last three years I have been experimenting with photography and writing to put together some increasingly extended 'thoughts and impressions' about visits to South Africa, Cyprus and New Zealand.


The South Africa section covers in particular the Western Cape, Cape Town, , the Cape peninsula, the fynbos habitat, Montagu, the West Coast National Park and issues of poverty, township life, agricultural working conditions in the wine and fruit industry and post-Apartheid change.


The Cyprus section covers the Republic of Cyprus and to a lesser extent the north of the island, 'the TRNC', the history of conflict and continued partition, and the flora and fauna, geology,  places and peoples of the island. It also covers in great detail the financial crisis and 'bail out' of the post-2008 Cyprus economy


New Zealand has become a more extended project after a month long visit in late summer 2014. This is still a work in progress.


I'm also starting to add some albums of photographs from New York, Washington DC, Scotland, SW France and around where I live in the UK.


I started off seeing the website as a tool to 'show the work' but of late the website has to some extent become 'the work'. There are times when I work with real intensity on the site and use it as a catalyst to learn and to organise and communicate my thoughts and photographs. At other times it languishes and I wander off elsewhere.


This site is advertising-free and entirely non-commercial.The data generated by the site stays with the site. Since January 2012 there have been 26 561 visits to this site.


Over the years I have worked as a distant-volunteer to the great little South African NGO, Jikeleza Dance - a township-based dance project working with some of South Africa's most disadvantaged children and young people. There is a Jikeleza on-line giving button at the bottom of each page of this site and an extended section on Jikeleza and its fight to make a difference in a pretty indifferent world.


Please get in touch if you are passing through. It's amazing how few people do and always nice when they do.


For news about updates on the site and other recent stuff see the Blog. To see blog entries by title click on 'Sitemap' in the footer at very bottom of this page and scroll down to 'Blog'.


Best wishes


Fergus Murray

November  2014

30,000 visits and counting since January 2012.

Olifantbos Bay, near the Cape of Good Hope, Western Cape, South Africa
Olifantbos Bay, near the Cape of Good Hope, Western Cape, South Africa